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andreas jahingen Dr Andreas Jahingen

Currently our lead dentist placing implants.

Andreas is now placing implants not only at the International Camden Dental Implant Centre but is also two days in Paris at the Prestigious Insitut Europeaan du Visage, the French equivalent of a Harley Street Practice.

Whilst at Camden He spent several years at the Harley Street Clinic Harley Street W1. And is just finishing a two year stint at the Harley Street Oral Reconstruction Centre 152 Harley Street W1 to pursue other interests.

Born and married in France he now has flats both in Paris and London

Andreas was watching his father in Germany placing implants before he even qualified.

After having worked with his father in Hanover and in a number of other practices where he placed implants, he became partner in one of the leading implant practices in Potsdamer Platz Berlin. During this period Andreas also obtained the officially recognised German Heilpractiker qualification in natural medecine.

After practicing in Potsdamer platz (the Kensington of Berlin) for a number of years, Andreas sold his practice in 2005 to join us at Camden with the expressed aim ,to place Implants.

Whilst undergoing the in house training scheme under Dr. Martin Gilbert and Mentor Dr. Danny Temkin he has been introduced to many new ideas and concepts in the world of implantology. Also thanks to his mentors he has been introduced and able to work with some of the leading implantologists in the world. This exposure has developed the skill to work with a team to get the best possible result to meet the patients needs and wants whilst letting them know what can be achieved.

He is currently placing implants both at the Camden Implant Centre , Harley Street London ( which he is now leaving )and on a weekly basis in Paris where he also has a flat.

Trained in a number of systems he is able to choose the implant to suit the patients clinical needs.

Andreas is also the Implant Representative for the U.K. for the German Tiolox System of implants for the Degusssa Corporation who refer patients He has also recently been appointed by the American Bicon Corporation as one of their very few Mobile Bicon Implant Specialists. Apart from that he places a number of other systems. Knowing our policy of continuity and reliability Andreas intends to be with us a long time.

In his spare time Andreas plays the piano professionally, tennis amateurishly and speaks French German and English.

Institut Europeen du Visage
5, rue Suger
75006 Paris
Tel: +33 156813030

Camden Dental Implant Centre
77 Camden High Street NW1 7JL
0207 380 0768

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