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camden dentistTeeth Whitening
Dental hygiene has improved dramatically but our lifestyle still causes cosmetic problems for our teeth. Drinking coffee, tea, red wine, tobacco, as well as ageing can all discolour teeth, but years of staining can now be reversed in one appointment using the latest teeth whitening techniques employed at Camden Dental Centre. We use a variety of methods ranging from instant Power Whitening to home teeth whitening.


Power Whitening

• We match your teeth’s pre-whitening shade
• The ingredients are mixed for the special teeth whitening gel
• Paint-on protection is applied to your gums
• A 1mm layer of the gel is applied to the surfaces of your teeth
• Each tooth in the smile zone is exposed to a special teeth whitening lamp
• After 10 minutes the gel is suctioned off and rinsed

The results are fast, dramatic and your new whiter smile can be enhanced and maintained by using equally simple home whitening kits.